15k Formentera Night Run


Talentum Group and the Consell de Formentera organize the 1st edition of the 15K Formentera Night Run in 2024.

The race will start on October 5, 2024 at 7:00 pm.

The distance is 15 km. During the route, all kilometers will be signposted. In addition, there is a 5 km sporting event.

The race is open to athletes of any nationality, federated or not, who are 18 years old on the day of the 15K Formentera Night Run.

Each runner participates in this race by foot at his or her own risk and has a sufficient level of physical fitness to take on such a race.

Registration for the 15K Formentera Night Run is personal and non-transferable and can only be done through the official website of the event www.15kformenteranightrun.com.

Registration implies acceptance of these regulations. Under no circumstances may it be transferred or sold to another person, friend, or family member for the reason of not being able to attend the day of the race. Failure to comply with this rule may invalidate participation in the race, and the organizer have the right to exclude the person responsible from participation in future editions.

Registrations are available on the official website with the following prices:

- 15K Formentera Night Run: 50 €.
- 5K Sunset Run: 25 €.

If you are a resident of Formentera you have a guaranteed place with a 50% discount.

To request your discount code you must contact esports@conselldeformentera.cat

All participating athletes will have an accident insurance hired by the organization.

Registration is personal and non-transferable. Once the registration has been made, the race fee will not be refunded for any reason whatsoever.

The organization will refund the registration fee only in the case of physical injury (not because of illness) by providing a medical certificate via email to info@15kformentera.com from the same email address used for registration.

The deadline for requesting a refund is September 1st, 2024.

The timing will be done by chip system that all participants will receive when collecting their runner's bag. The chip will be integrated into the race bib, from which it must not be removed at any time or manipulated.

It is not necessary to return the chip once the race is over.

There will be timing points at the start and finish line.

The organizers will assign the participants to the starting boxes according to the information provided by each athlete when registering and taking into account sporting and safety considerations.

There will be ordered starting boxes which will be marked graphically on the race bib itself. It is forbidden to enter a starting box that does not correspond to the one indicated on the bib. The organizers reserve the right to eliminate from the classification all athletes who start in a different starting box from the one selected.

A maximum time of 120 minutes is established to complete the 15 km race course.

During the course there will be refreshment points at km 5 and km 10.

There will also be a post-finish refreshment point.

The 15K Formentera Night Run will have a medical and security device. The medical services will be located both along the route and at the start and finish point, where the field hospital will be located.

The race bib will be printed with an emergency telephone number that the runner can call in the event of feeling sick or having a medical emergency.

There will be classifications by categories, but no trophies.

There are no financial prizes. Trophies will only be awarded to the first three in the general classification.

The organizer will have a civil liability insurance policy in accordance with current legislation. In addition, all participants will be covered by an accident insurance policy. Participation in this event is under the responsibility and own risk of the participants, who of their own will have registered to take part. At the time of registration, the runner declares that he/she is in perfect health to take part in the race. The organization is not responsible for any damage that may be caused by the participants during the race, themselves or deriving from them to third parties.

Safety on public roads will be the responsibility of the security forces and authorities involved in the smooth running of the race in Formentera and of the organization itself. The medical services will be authorized to remove any participant who is clearly at risk.

Motorized vehicles or bicycles that do not belong to the organization and are not duly authorized are strictly forbidden.

If necessary, the relevant authority responsible for the race (Civil Protection, Municipal Police and/or Public Space of the Consell de Formentera, either for security reasons or due to force majeure, has the power to modify the start/finish points and the start and finish times of any of the distances. The organization reserves the right to make changes for justified reasons or in the case of great force, considering these to be those in which the relevant authorities make this necessary (in this case, no refund of the registration fee will be made).

The organizers reserve the right to make any changes to these regulations if they deem it necessary and must communicate this on the official website of the race and in the information given to the runner, either by e-mail or physically.

In the event of extraordinary weather conditions or force majeure not attributable to the organization and which make it impossible to hold the race, the organization will not assume any responsibility and will not refund any of the registration fee.

All participants accept each of the articles of these regulations and honestly undertake not to anticipate the start time and to cover the full distance before crossing the finish line. The organizers reserve the right to act and take appropriate measures in the event of any unsporting, disrespectful, unfair, or violent behavior.

All participants, by registering, declare that they are aware of and accept the present Rules and Regulations and the Disclaimer and Data Protection. In case of doubt, the Organization’s criteria will prevail.

Disclaimer and Protection Statement

By registering, the participant declares that:

"I am in optimal health to participate in the 15K Formentera Night Run. Furthermore, I exempt the organization, sponsors, or other participating institutions from any responsibility for any accident or injury that I may suffer before, during and/or after the sporting event, renouncing any legal action against any of these entities. During the development of the competition, I will contribute as much as possible with the organization, to avoid personal accidents".

However, the organizers recommend runners to enjoy the sport responsibly and to undergo a medical examination prior to the race, accepting the risk derived from the sporting activity.

The runner authorizes the organization to make advertising use of data, photos, videos and/or any other type of audiovisual material in which I may appear, accepting the publication of my name in the classification of the race, in the media and/or Internet, without expecting any payment, compensation or retribution for this concept. Furthermore, this material and information may be used in subsequent editions of the event and may be transferred to any sponsor of the event, which by themselves or through third parties, treat for exclusively sporting, promotional or commercial purposes, your personal data, as well as your image within the event through photographs, videos, etc.

In accordance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December, on the Protection of Personal Data, all personal data provided by participants and the images obtained during the race will be stored in files belonging to Talentum Group, as organizer, and Avaibook, as registration center, for the purpose of managing participation in the race, as well as the promotion, distribution, and dissemination of the same. You may at any time exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation, and opposition by sending a letter accompanied by your ID card to the registered office at C/ Muñoz Degraín N3 pta 7, Valencia.

For notification purposes, all registered runners authorize as a legal means of notification by email or mobile phone, and any other mobile or web application (such as WhatsApp, Line, Telegram, etc.)

Note: Anything not provided in these regulations will be governed by the General Competition Rules of the FAIB and RFEA and/or the criteria of the organization itself.  Therefore, the organization reserves the right to modify/correct/complete these regulations, by which the event will be governed.